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Q : You were born on a Sunday, April 13 ?

A : Exactly. It was the year man planned to walk on the moon for the first time and I didn't want to miss it !

Q : And from where did you see them land on the moon ?

A : From Paris. That's where I spent my childhood and my adolescence. Today, I live in Auvergne but my work takes me away from home often.

Q : what about your photography while living in such a beautiful city ?

A : Ah, photography! Before the purchase of my first camera, there was a memorable Christmas, one that remains one of my most wonderful emotions. Among all the gifts, there was a small book about the sky and space. What a shock! It was then that I knew I would be someone who likes to contemplate, someone who loves the sky, nature and "beautiful things".

Q : Which explains your taste for photography!

A : Yes, but I didn't have my own camera in 1983. I finally bought my first camera two years later. It was an Olympus OM1, well-known to astronomers not so long ago! There were tell-taling signs just before ! Like the two trips to the Gallo-Roman region in southern France and...

Q : ... And?!

A : Roma, Roma! What a beautiful city! It was an enchanting voyage... with a little Instamatic 126 Kodak and its square format. And I was already feeling a special interest for unusual formats!!!

Q : Here we are!

A : Yes, indeed. I've always liked this format that "doesn't say anything!" We can choose to read the photo horizontally or vertically. But very quickly, I developped a passion for the panorama format. It's a natural format for me. I feel it instinctively. Do not ask me how I centre, I don't know, I feel it, that's all! whatever the subject is, and of course, for urban or natural landscapes.

Q : It is true that you lived in town.

A : I lived in town all year and I was lucky to spend my vacations in the country, under a very black sky. During the year I photographed Paris. And on vacation, the sky and nature. Each time I returned to Paris, I rediscovered this very beautiful city !

Q : Did you want to be a photographer, at this time?

A : Frankly, I did not know. Or, rather, I wasn't thinking about it in those terms. It was a passion, … a devouring passion.... enough to keep an honest man busy during the weekends and vacations !

Q : And yet, today...!

A : Yes, I'd come a long way to arrive at the conclusion: "No, it's not possible, not just on weekends! ". While I studied to be a teacher, all the jobs I had throughout France would invariably bring me back to photography.

In fact, it was during this period that I began to constitute my photographic library of landscapes and European cities. This long journey also helped me to realize how much I liked to share my knowledge and to meet new people.

Indeed, I only like to be alone during my shooting or while writing...


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